TITLE TIP #18: Due Diligence Period

TITLE TIP 17: How to prevent wire fraud 

Why you should choose us when buying/selling a property

TITLE TIP #16: Property tax exemption and what you need to know 

TITLE TIP #15: What are CC&Rs? 

TITLE TIP 14: What is a 1031 exchange and how can we help? 

TITLE TIP #13: What is Earnest Money? 

TITLE TIP #12: What is a warranty deed? 

TITLE TIP #11: What is a trust deed? 

TITLE TIP #10: How it works if your property is in a trust 

TITLE TIP #9: Why you should always use a realtor 

TITLE TIP #8: Buying Process Start to Finish 

TITLE TIP #7: Letting us know up front if a person on title has passed away. 

TITLE TIP #6: The importance of reading PRs! 

TITLE TIP #5: What are the two types of title insurance policies and who pays for which? 

TITLE TIP #4: What to expect from us when buying a property? 

TITLE TIP #3: What is title insurance and how does it protect you?

TITLE TIP #2: What to expect from us if you're selling your property

This week's title tip is the basics of what our role is in the real estate transaction!

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